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Cherry mousse cake and chocolate

Cherry mousse cake and chocolate


Rub the yolks with sugar, vanilla, water and oil until they become white and frothy. Add the flour mixed with cocoa and baking powder and finally, with the spoon stirring from top to bottom, add the beaten egg whites. Bake the countertop until it passes the toothpick test.

After it has cooled completely, the top is cut into two equal parts.

Chocolate mousse:

Gelatin is hydrated in a little water. (About a tablespoon of water and 1/2 sachet of gelatin)

In a bowl, put 150 ml of whipped cream on a bain marie and mix the grated chocolate until the chocolate melts. Add the hydrated gelatin. Stir until the gelatin dissolves, take the bowl aside and when the cream has cooled a little, add 200 ml whipped cream.

Cherry mousse:

The cherries are mixed with powdered sugar, then put in a bowl and crushed with a vertical mixer. The puree formed is heated to near boiling, then hydrated gelatin is added. Stir until the gelatin dissolves, allow to cool then mix with whipped cream.


  • -the juice left by the cherries

  • -3 tablespoons sugar

  • -100 ml of water

  • -3 tablespoons cherry

The top is cut in two, it is syruped, the cherry cream is put, then the chocolate cream and finally the second syrupy top. Leave to cool in the fridge for at least two hours, then turn over on a plate and garnish according to preference.

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