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New Futuristic $7.4M Avanti EVO Turboprop Soars at 463mph

New Futuristic $7.4M Avanti EVO Turboprop Soars at 463mph

Piaggio Aero Industries' new Avanti EVO builds on the company's Avanti II twin turboprop and brings a bunch of new improvements that not only makes it a comfier fit for passengers, but also makes it better for the environment. Not to mention, the luxury aircraft looks pretty darn cool too.

"From nose to tail, a single elegant aerodynamic curve aids laminar flow that reduces drag and raises performance by around 34 percent compared to conventional aircraft, underscored by the innovative 3LS ‘Three Lifting Surface’ concept that makes the Avanti EVO so outstandingly good to fly," says Piaggio.

Promising to reduce fuel costs and noise pollution, the EVO is apparently the fastest turboprop available right now and can reach a maximum speed of 463mph—with a range of 1,980 miles. Among the improvements made from the Avanti II model, the company points to the EVO's "winglets, redesigned nacelles, and a reshaped front wing" as the main contributing design factors that has led to emissions being cut three percent and climb performance increased by three percent. The five-blade scimitar propellers help limit external noise by 68 percent and internal noise by 20 percent.

Priced at around $7.4 million, the EVO's cabin is 5'9" high and 6'1" wide, giving much more room than many standard jets and can accommodate up to nine passengers. EVO has five different floorplan choices, depending on how many people you plan on seating, and delivery is planned for October.