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Pizza by Luk

Pizza by Luk

Soak the yeast in a glass in which I put warm milk and sugar. Wait a few minutes to rise then pour over the flour. Put water, oil and salt and knead a dough (it should be a little hard and elastic). leaven covered with a towel, warm for 30-40 minutes or until it doubles in volume (usually if it has not increased in this time .. do not leaven). Meanwhile prepare the topping (filling) ... Mushrooms, salami and pastrami is cut into slices ...

We prepare a broth and oregano sauce. We didn't give the quantities because it depends on which broth you use and how much you like oregano. For the tray I used I put 4 tablespoons of Naturello broth (it's thicker), 150ml water and a teaspoon of oregano. I added half a teaspoon of sugar because it was sour.

After the dough has risen, spread a thin sheet and put it in a pan greased with oil. Grease with sauce, place the filling and then the grated cheese. Bake in the preheated oven at 180 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

The movie & # 8222 Star Wars & # 8221 led to the emergence of a religion

The Jedi Knights, famous in the movie Star Wars for their battle with the Forces of Darkness and their skill in wielding lightsabers, appear in the latest British census on religion. The Order of the Jedi Knights was apparently invoked as a religion by many Britons to be given a special code, as in the case of Christianity, Judaism, or Islam. "We don't know how many people chose this order, but we thought it would be easier to give it a code," a spokesman for the National Bureau of Statistics (ONS) said. It all started with a joke, spread by email. Thus, the British are advised to answer & # 8222Jedi & # 8221 the question & # 8222What is your religion? & # 8221. The message said that if 10,000 people declared themselves loyal to the orders of Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan-Kenobi, the government would recognize it as a religion.

What does the woman who was supposed to be Prince Charles' wife look like?

The Royal House revealed how Amanda Knatchbull refused Prince Charles' marriage proposal in 1977. But who is the woman who could have been queen?

A documentary broadcast by Channel 4 reveals how “Philip's honorary grandfather, Lord Mountbatten, tried to distance Prince Charles from his future wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, by introducing him to another woman, Amanda Knatchbull.

The documentary states that Amanda was the right candidate for Prince Charles. & # 8220Years, Mountbatten wanted Amanda to be queen & # 8220.

Her mother was Patricia Knatchbull, the second Countess of Mountbatten of Burma, Prince Philip's cousin, the Queen's husband and Prince William's godmother.

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Four years later, Prince Charles married Lady Diana in 1981.

Amanda married Charles Vincent Ellingworth in 1987 and they have three sons together: Luke, 26, Joseph, 24, and Louis, 21.
Now known as Lady Ellingworth, Amanda is appreciated for her contributions to British social work and is currently the President and Non-Executive Director of several NGOs.

The Garden at Manuela

Arts District restaurant Manuela has opened a new, weekend-only bar in its courtyard garden, with a menu of cocktails and bites exclusive to the space. Manuela executive chef Kris Tominaga’s new dishes include tree chili chicken with white barbecue sauce and pickles garlic shrimp with heirloom grits and chips with beans and fresh cheese. Drinks include beer, wine, cocktails and pitchers of sangria. Open Friday to Sunday.

907 E. 3rd St., Los Angeles, (323) 849-0480,

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One Night Only Pizza founder Luke Pollard shares his secrets to the perfect homeslice

& # 8220There & # 8217s that old saying: & # 8216Making pizza is easy, but making good pizza is hard, & # 8217 & # 8221 says Luke Pollard, Toronto-based design-builder and visual artist turned pizza-slinging sensation. & # 8220You just have to invest time into it, and if nothing else, the pandemic has given people a lot of time. & # 8221

He would know. When Lockdown halted his and his wife Brianna & # 8217s construction business, she ordered pizza boxes and told him to start selling the creations he usually reserved for friends & # 8212 right from their backyard. He started by making just 10 pizzas every Saturday under the apt name of One Night Only Pizza. And though he & # 8217s since scaled up to 25, he still sells out each week.

Come April, it & # 8217ll be a lot easier to score a coveted pie: One Night Only will open up shop in Riverdale, on Pape Avenue. But Pollard & # 8217s is still all for making pizza at home, which is how he honed his skills. & # 8220You & # 8217ll be amazed at what you can produce if you have a good recipe, develop good techniques and put the love into it, & # 8221 he says.

The make or break of DIY pizza? & # 8220It really comes down to the dough, & # 8221 says Pollard, who & # 8217s known for his crispy-bottomed, air-bubbled crust. He recommends a high-hydration recipe (see sidebar for his at-home iteration), using a scale instead of measuring cups for better accuracy, and a long fermentation (he makes One Night Only & # 8217s dough on Wednesdays).

After that, it's all about picking top-notch ingredients, he says. Make your own sauce by mixing fresh or jarred tomatoes with a bit of salt, pepper, olive oil and, if you want, garlic and dried herbs like oregano. Then, layer on a high-quality cheese. & # 8220I strictly use a blend of aged and fresh mozzarella, & # 8221 he says.

The toppings are where you can play, but don't go overboard. & # 8220Three toppings make a perfect trifecta, where you get a complex but nuanced flavor that & # 8217s balanced, & # 8221 says Pollard. Piling on 10 things, on the other hand, muddles the flavor and the pizza doesn't cook as well.

Aim for a measured mix of acidity, sweetness, saltiness and umami (a.k.a. savouriness). & # 8220Anything pickled, like jalapenos or onions, will give that tangy, acidic element, & # 8221 says Pollard. For sweetness, he recommends fruit, such as the ever-divisive pineapple. (Attention, naysayers: One Night Only & # 8217s take on Hawaiian skips the tropical chunks in favor of a pineapple-red onion drizzle.) Pepperoni is the classic pick for a little salt, but Pollard also suggests olives, anchovies or other meats and cheeses. . Throw on mushrooms to round everything out with umami flavor.

Don't have a pizza oven or special stone? Neither does Pollard & # 8217s home kitchen. He uses a regular pan in a regular oven. & # 8220My tip for the home chef is to get your oven as hot as possible, & # 8221 he says. He advises cranking it up to 500 or 550 degrees 30 minutes to an hour before go time. At that temperature, it should only take eight to 10 minutes to cook.

Before you serve, add any final touches, like fresh tomato, basil or & # 8212 One Night Only & # 8217s signature & # 8212 grated Parmesan. & # 8220Go with whatever you like, & # 8221 says Pollard. & # 8220There & # 8217s no right or wrong answer. That & # 8217s is the whole thing with making pizza or really any food you & # 8217re just making what you want to eat and putting that love in. & # 8221

Luke Pollard & # 8217s pizza dough

& # 8220This recipe is a great starting point on your own personal pizza journey. Along the way, you will find what works best for you, your oven and most importantly your family and friends! & # 8221

Prep time: 3 hours, plus 24-72 hours of fermentation

1 tsp (5 ml) active dry yeast

Add 700 ml warm water to sugar and yeast. Let sit for 5-10 minutes until yeast is activated. In a large bowl, weigh out 1 kg of flour and add to water and yeast mixture.

Using your hands, gently mix until all flour is incorporated with water.


Cover the bowl and let sit on the counter for 30 minutes.

Add salt and olive oil to dough, and mix by hand until both are incorporated and the dough becomes a sticky ball. Cover again and let sit on the counter until the dough roughly doubles in size (about 1-3 hours, depending on room temperature).

Punch down the dough and place in the refrigerator, covered, for 24-72 hours.

When ready to make pizza, take the dough out of the refrigerator and portion into thirds. If you only want to use 1 serving, place others back in the fridge for 1-2 days or freeze.

Ball up the dough you & # 8217re using and place on an oiled bowl or plate, cover with plastic wrap and let the dough proof until it comes up to room temperature. The dough balls will now be ready to shape and be made into pizzas. Makes enough for 3 large pizzas.

Pizza counter recipe

Ms for advice, I'm not good at dough and I'm sorry, but today I think it won't be a problem, R.
I switched it to FAVO!

With pleasure! It seems very easy for me to make a pizza counter, instead I don't know how to decorate cakes at all :))

what does the boss have to do with each other.

It has. I also did it modestly :)) I couldn't just brag about the fact that I'm so good at pizza, I said that I should say that there are things I don't know. And what's the point of giving the false impression that I'm a great cook? )

Can you tell us something about the result? How does it turn out? Crispy, soft as you just know: There are tastes and tastes.
And at what temperature do you bake the pizza top?

The pizza top comes out soft and fluffy, but it gives the impression that it also has some elasticity. I set the temperature to 200 degrees C, but I monitor the countertop because it is done quite quickly and I want to avoid burning the topping.

I have emotions, it's the first time I try to make pizza. Thanks for the recipe, I hope to succeed. Sincerely, mihaelaa

With pleasure! Thank you for trusting my recipe.

Thank you very much for your help and advice, and you're right, it's pretty easy, I'm 14 years old and I managed to do it, and in the end it was really delicious.

Many before and with as many successful recipes as possible! And I started playing in the kitchen while preparing pizza :)

I made the countertop, it looked like the one in your picture. now it's in the oven and I hope it comes out. ms much advice and recipe, I will definitely enter this page

With pleasure! If you need any more advice, don't hesitate to ask. I hope the countertop met expectations.

I have a question. can the dough be made with fresh yeast? If so, how much should I have? Thanks!

Yes, the pizza top can also be made with fresh yeast. At 500 g of flour I put a cube of 25 g of fresh yeast. The sachet of dry yeast is 7 g.

I did and it worked out. Thank you for your answer! Keep it up!: D

You don't have to, I hope you keep it the same - that is, all the recipes on your blog will succeed: D

I did it after your retaliation. and the countertop came out perfectly! In addition, I added half a teaspoon of lemon pepper from KAMIS to the dough. Super taste! Respectfully Stefan!

You're right, Stefan :) If we like, we can add anything to the counter.

Tonight I also make pizza with your countertop recipe, I will turn everyone on my back, we are 7 adults and a 4 year old dwarf, I think I will make 1 kg of flour, as if not, I think not it reaches us all.

You must make the top from a kg of flour. Otherwise you risk only making your guests crave. :)

Can I make the top without yeast? If possible, would it mean not to leave the dough to leaven and prepare it immediately?

My advice is not to try to make the pizza top without yeast, you will get a kind of hard cake. If you don't have yeast on hand and you now have a craving for pizza, it's better to use a few slices of bread soaked in milk or even water instead of a countertop.

Thank you very much for the answer. That's what I'm going to do. A good evening :)

With pleasure! A good evening to you too.

Here I am.
I heard that powdered milk is added to pizza dough, both in mayonnaise and in dough. I have no idea why, but that's what & quot specialists do & quot. Know something ? Or does anyone know anything?
Once again, all admiration! And because Easter is approaching, all the best!

There are all kinds of recipes for the pizza counter, I also tried a few until I realized that I prefer this one. It seems simple to me and I can do it with the ingredients that I have almost all the time in the kitchen.
It probably exists, but I haven't heard of any powdered milk countertop recipes. At one time I was "struggling" by putting egg, lard and milk in the dough. But, overall, the pizza counter obtained in this way did not seem to me to have been much better.
Easter is quite far away, I'm waiting for you to come back until then :)

Hello Carmen, you can put eggs and milk in the pizza dough and instead of olive oil, put normal oil, ie cooking oil.

how does the countertop come out? thin and fluffy or thick, crunchy?

Dana, the countertop comes out thin and fluffy. Obviously, if you follow the instructions of the recipe, that is, if you divide it into four pieces with a diameter of 25 cm. If you put it in an oven tray, the pizza top will probably be a little thicker than the one in the recipe photos.

Christ sent!
No, I don't know what Easter was like far away, when there were two more weeks until the holidays. I went into their fever about three weeks before: decorating the house, menu list and cakes, shopping in advance, etc. Finally, they passed, it was wonderful and I delighted everyone, especially with the cakes I worked on for a week. But the appreciations made me forget about fatigue. Thank you very much for the salty recipe, I made two portions and This week I promised to repeat it for some friends.
Thanks again, once again! Revin.

Really sent! It means that you were very appreciated, because it seems that you are tired, since this week you repeat the recipe :) I look forward to seeing you anytime.

This is how I prepare the pizza top, only I add GRAY (400gr flour + 100gr semolina).
A thin and crunchy countertop comes out. Yummy :)

I don't know if I would like the pizza top to be crispy. I'm thinking about what the next day will be like. :) Are you still eating?

When I make pizza, it doesn't last more than an hour.
It's one of my favorite foods (definitely crispy).
Being a crispy countertop, I think it would look like a stone the next day.

not true! if you leave it uncovered overnight it will soften due to the humidity in the air! I know this from experience :)

It is good to know that the pizza top with semolina does not harden the next day. You're still very restrained, Alexandra. :)) Not everyone has such experiences: D

Hi! My name is Naomi and I would like to know how long the countertop bakes?

Hi Naomi, if you make it as thin as I did, then the pizza top should bake in 10-15 minutes (on medium heat - 175-200 degrees).

Thanks for the reply :)
the recipe is incredible
I tried it, and the countertop came out very good, although I'm a beginner.

With pleasure, next time I will try to be even more prompt)

so, this pizza top is insane .super easy and quick to make..super simple.and after baking super sensational tasty thin .. a little crispy but soft. in half an hour the pizza was done and baked..and eaten ..I was scared when I saw how soft the dough is ..but it comes out sensational.

I wouldn't have described the result of the recipe better either :) It seems that the countertop came out exactly as it should.

uh, good good. I always forget my mother's recipe on the counter, now I see that I can always find it here. lol. I think it will be better, my mother's came out thick, and I like it soft and thin. : *

Yes, the recipe for the pizza counter will be waiting for you here :) On this thin counter, the only unpleasant thing is that the pizza is eaten immediately.

I have a question. if possible: for the large, classic tray from the electric oven, too much dough comes out if I follow the recipe? Now I have yeast envelopes brought from the country, but I can't find where I am. and it's kind of over. in the future I can also use baking powder, or it won't come out the same.
Thanks !

Not much dough comes out for the classic oven tray either. But, as a precaution, you could break a piece of dough that you could turn into a mini pizza)
Guaranteed pizza top will not come out the same with baking powder, I recommend you not to try something like that. You may still be able to find yeast.

I also made pizza yesterday for the first time and I can say that it came out sensational. The countertop is fluffy thin and does not soften the next day. Mine say I should make pizza now :) thanks a lot and keep it up))

No problem! I am curious if you will thank me in a few years, after yours will have eaten a few hundred pizzas prepared by you. I'm really afraid that then you will consider me a scapegoat :))

yes you know :)) I didn't know how to cook until a year ago but I had to learn my family laughed at me and I have to cook and I didn't like doing that but now that I found this site I will I like to cook and I will get it ready: D aa and I'm glad you're from Constanta: D

It would be good for my site to make you cook with pleasure, especially when you say that you were not attracted at all by the idea :) To understand that you are also from Constanta?

yes and I am from Constanta: d

Good evening!
My name is Misu, I am 14 years old and tomorrow I would like to try the recipe. How do I make with the yeast & quotcub & quot how much I put. And regarding the oven, I don't have a high-performance oven stove, it doesn't show me the degrees. Do I have to "pay a visit" to the pizza when it's in the oven to see if it's baked?

Hello Misu! You need to put the whole cube of fresh yeast (25 g). It is good to visit the pizza counter from time to time, it bakes quite quickly and it is good to be closely monitored. Place it in the middle of the oven and bake it over medium heat.

Thank you very much, I was waiting for your answer, tomorrow I will start making pizza, I hope it goes well. Maybe I will make many recipes from this site :)

With pleasure, I hope the result was satisfactory. You can call me Robert, don't call me :)

In the last picture, the countertop seems to be 3-4mm thick. How many mm thick must the countertop with a diameter of 25 cm be? How many mm must the top have if it is for a larger tray? What is the difference if we use a normal thin countertop or one 2-3mm thicker than in the case of a regular pizza?

In the last image is the countertop with a diameter of 25 cm - it is about 3 mm thick. For a larger tray of course the pizza top will have to have the same thickness.
I'm not sure if I understood the last question well, but I'm still trying to give an answer: if you make a countertop about 6 mm thick, then you will get a more filling pizza :) I mean it will have a lot of bread and will not look like the ones in pizzerias. But many people really want to be homemade pizza, now everything depends on tastes.

Congratulations! An extremely successful wheat recipe! It turned out great good pizza, the texture of the countertop perfect, despite the fact that I could not knead enough because I am pregnant in the last month, it was great!

Thanks! And easy pregnancy! )

very successful recipe for pizza top! I look super good with this countertop, even if I don't respect the weight at all but I respect the order. P

:) It means we both share the merits. I do the same as you, I made the pizza top so many times that now I put the ingredients in the eyes and, knowing the consistency that the dough must have, I finally adjust the amount of flour.

I had too much flour in so much water and oil. I put less. Could it be because I put 650 flour?

Luminita, I'm not very good at flour, I just know that it sometimes differs quite a bit from one producer to another, even when it comes to the same assortment. That's why I wrote in the recipe about how the dough should be obtained :) (meaning to have some elasticity and to give us the certainty that we will then be able to stretch it). I hope you did well in the end and that the pizza counter thanked you.

I also made a pizza counter according to your recipe..I succeeded..I made 2 rectangular pizzas and a round grew well and came out thin and slightly sticky on the edges..a real success was eaten by all 6 people :)) so I have 3 recipes tried

So you got serious about it :) At this rate, I will have to cook more often, otherwise next year you will already have to find another source of inspiration: D

But from this recipe, that is from about 500 gr. faiana, cam cata pizza iese?

:) Amalia. if you read the recipe to the end, you would find the exact answer in the last sentence: from half a kg of flour I get four pizza tops (each top having a diameter of 25cm).

you have to start cooking :)) I have already checked 5 recipes you will see which I commented on all with daniela .. you are lucky that I have a 5 month old baby who does not let me sit in the pan because it was unfortunate and bitter for the recipes tale :))

Ahhh. and I who thought that now you will make me ambitious to cook more often. : P That's it, I'll keep up until you manage to finish them all and then I'll get to work seriously :)) Now I've figured out what the recipes are, but I think you should still add an initial, just to make sure you're that daniela.

Here I added another initial to know that it's me: P

It's perfect like that, as if the name looks even better: P

I'll try tonight too: D. My first pizza was not very good, you say the dough was made of chips :)). It was very thin, but crunchy!

This time I hope that your pizza counter came out properly, it would be a shame to have ruined your evening :)

I made pizza last night, the countertop came out very fluffy. Super, super, super! I will try other recipes from here. I enjoy cooking!

Thank you the same! I'm glad you're not just stopping at the pizza counter and you've already set your sights on other recipes.

The best pizza counter I've ever made. Super recipe! Thanks. I really like pizza and my countertop never came out properly. From now on I can declare myself an expert in pizza :))

:) With pleasure, Simona! Now, as a fresh pizza expert, I recommend that next time you practice your recipe skill. pizzas daisy. I love it madly)

baai I made the dough and now I read that I make 4 countertops from it..I wanted a countertop :)))) now what do I do with the dough?

:))) I say make another 3, or make a big pizza. Seriously, I would be surprised if you only get enough of a pizza a little bigger than a palm (I wrote that 4 countertops 25 cm in diameter come out). Or you could very well make some donuts out of your leftover dough.

yes, that's what I did, I put it in a tray as soon as it enters the oven, and whatever it will be :)) I think it will be 4 cm thick countertop :)) anyway I do it for me so it's not panic..

If you used the oven tray, then you really don't have to worry, I don't think it will exceed 1 cm in thickness. Anyway, next time you will know how to approximate quite well. What's more, now I hope you like pizza and at the end you consider that it was worth the effort: D

It came out like a zozonac =)), anyway the pizza turned out very good, thanks and I will try other recipes from here: D

:)) You don't have to, I'm waiting for you to come back!

thanks for the recipe, very good

With pleasure, I'm glad you found it useful.

I have a few questions with which I ask you to help me: About how long does the dough knead and what does this kneading entail? Do the countertops bake in turn?

Durata framantarii aluatului de pizza depinde si de intensitatea cu care o facem, deci e greu de estimat :) Cred ca 4-5 minute sunt suficiente, regula de baza e: cu cat mai mult, cu atat mai bine. Framantatul presupune apasarea/ turtirea/ strivirea aluatului cu podul palmei. Iar ca sa-ti descriu si mai exact - ii dai aluatului o forma de bila, il strivesti, apoi ii refaci forma, iar il strivesti si tot asa. Nu e mare lucru, iar pe masura ce-o faci vei capata si dexteritate. Iar la sfarsit poti sa-l si bati putin de blatul bucatariei. Daca au loc in cuptor, blaturile de pizza pot fi coapte in acelasi timp.

Si inca ceva..aluatul se aseaza direct in tava, fara ulei, fara faina? Sper sa nu fi fost prea stresanta.Multumesc anticipat.

Nu-ti face griji, nimeni nu s-a nascut invatat :) Sper ca sfaturile mele sa te ajute sa obtii un blat de pizza perfect. Eu il asez direct in tava, nu ma mai complic cu ulei sau faina. Pentru ca aluatul intins deja nu va mai fi lipicios in momentul in care-l pui in tava - asta datorita faptului ca tu-ti vei pudra cu faina mainile, sucitorul si blatul de lucru in timp ce vei intinde aluatul (altfel s-ar lipi si ar fi greu de lucrat cu el).

E o reteta super faina. am facut-o aseara si mi-a iesit woooow. un blat extra.

se poate pune si umpic de oregano in aluat sa ii dea gustul acela caracteristic, eu asa fac :) Numai bine!

ps: eu nu pun in aceeasi ordine ingredientele [am invatat sa fac blatul mai demult dupa alta reteta], dar mi se pare ca rezultatul e la fel. Credeti ca e vreo diferenta?

Mi se pare buna ideea de a pune si un pic de oregano in blatul de pizza. In legatura cu ordinea in care sunt puse ingredientele, nu cred ca e vreo diferenta - pana la urma e vorba de un simplu aluat de paine, eu uneori nici macar nu mai pun ulei :)

Intr-adevar o reteta klumea de blat pentru pizza,o voi folosi pe aceasta de acum .sunt din ce in ce mai multumita de retete. le astept cu mare drag si pe urmatoarele ..succes )

Thanks! Ma bucur ca blatul de pizza a iesit pe gustul tau, sper sa se intample la fel si cu restul retetelor de pe blog.

:) Pai am zis la sfarsitul retetei ca mi-au iesit 4 blaturi de pizza rotunde cu diametrul de 25 cm. Daca vrei sa-ti zic si cat de mare iese un singur blat patrat, atunci acesta ar trebui sa fie undeva pe la 45 cm latura, adica o idee mai mare decat tava clasica a cuptorului.

delicioasă, tocmai ce am terminat de mâncat. un blat pufos și ușor crocant, este exact ca cea pe care eu o fac cu iaurt și ou, asta-i numa bună pentru cei care postesc și vor ceva mai special :D . mulțumesc de rețetă.

Cu placere, Georgiana! Deci inteleg ca acest blat de pizza nu doar ca este de post, ci este si economic: nu mai dai banii pe ou si iaurt, iar rezultatul este acelasi. : D

astazi vreau sa fac acest blat. sper sa-mi iasa .

Si eu sper la fel, Iulian :) Spor la treaba, daca respecti toate indicatiile retetei, n-are de ce sa nu-ti iasa blatul de pizza.

Stimate "barbat la cratita",multumes pentru reteta:prima oara nu a iesit cum trebuia,dar a fost vina mea si probabil si a drojdiei si fainii folosite ca nu a crescut, rezultand un blat tare rau. A doua oara, adicatelea azi, am schimbat faina, drojdia si am respectat intocmai ce ai spus-rezultat net superior. Cred ca iti raman clienta fidela pentru orice fel de retete. Felicitari si multe aprecieri pentru tot ceea ce faci.
P.s:Prietenul meu iti multumeste indirect pentru reteta: ma tot bate la cap de ani intregi sa facem noi blatul de pizza acasa.

Multumesc, Diana! Imi place ca ti-ai pastrat increderea in reteta blatului meu de pizza, chiar si daca n-a iesit bine din prima. majoritatea mi-ar fi urat ceva de bine si ar fi migrat catre alte bloguri culinare :) Vei vedea ca, pe masura ce vei face blatul de pizza (adica dupa 3-4 incercari, nu dupa cine stie ce practica indelungata), acesta iti va iesi chiar mai bine decat azi.
Cateodata e chiar placut sa stai in bucatarie si sa prepari o pizza alaturi de cel iubit. Nu zic acum ca e neaparat mai placut decat sa mananci o pizza relaxandu-te intr-o pizzerie, ci ca ne putem juca de-a gatitul atunci cand n-avem chef sa iesim, sa ne aranjam, sa ne intalnim cu lumea, sa cheltuim o gramada de bani. si motive se mai pot gasi :)

Catrinel Sandu s-a căsătorit religios la malul Oceanului Atlantic

După divorţul de fostul jucător de tenis Gabriel Trifu, care s-a încheiat la sfârșitul anului 2017, fosta „bebeluşă” a Cronicii Cârcotașilor i-a spus DA medicului stomatolog Steve Schroeter, pe o plajă din Florida.

Catrinel a arătat fabulos într-o rochie de mireasă confecționată din dantelă și cu spatele gol.

„Eu şi Steve am stabilit că nunta noastră va avea loc pe data de 11.11. Am ales această dată pentru că am tot avut conjuncturi, situaţii fericite şi coincidenţe legate de acest număr.

Am decis să o facem aici, în America, într-un cadru restrâns şi sunt aşteptaţi toţi cei dragi sufletului nostru”, a mărturisit Catrinel, pentru sursa menționată anterior.

„Vom sta toţi timp de trei zile la resort şi vom petrece în fiecare seară”

„Va fi ceva special, vom fi pe malul oceanului (Atlantic de Nord). Vom avea decoraţiuni cu specific de plajă floridian.

Vom sta toţi timp de trei zile la resort şi vom petrece în fiecare seară. Totul este doar pentru noi şi pentru invitaţii noştri.

Tot resortul şi toată plaja. Am închiriat tot resortul Manasota Beach Club din Florida. Va fi o nuntă de vis!”, a declarat Catrinel, înaintea cununiei.

Din mariajul anterior, Catrinel are două fiice, Sara și Lara, alături de care locuiește cu Steve în Sarasota.

Buy Piestro for a Slice of the Pizza Vending Megatrend

At InvestorPlace, we are big believers in equity crowdfunding: a novel, investment paradigm wherein &mdash for the first time ever &mdash retail investors like you and me can be our own venture capitalists, and directly invest in high-quality startups.

With that in mind, I&rsquod like to introduce readers to Piestro, an exciting pizza tech startup that has the potential to fundamentally disrupt the $46 billion U.S. pizza industry with automated pizza vending machines.

That&rsquos right. Pizza vending machines.

Make no mistake about it. Smart, robotics-powered pizza vending machines are the future. Over the next decade, machines like the one Piestro is making are going to pop up everywhere because they enhance convenience for consumers and lower costs for pizza makers.

Inevitably, I think the pizza vending machine market in the U.S. will go from essentially zero dollars today, to $4 billion or more in sales by the end of the decade.

Piestro will be at the epicenter of this pizza vending machine megatrend. And you have a chance to invest in this startup today for a valuation as low as $6 million.

That&rsquos a steal. My numbers suggest that &mdash in an &ldquoeverything-goes-right&rdquo scenario &mdash we&rsquore talking about a multi-billion-dollar company one day.

Needless to say, long-term investors should consider investing in Piestro today.

Why Should You Invest in Piestro?

Over the next decade, pizza vending machines will go from essentially nonexistent to almost ubiquitous for three big reasons.

First, advancements in robotics technology have enabled companies, like Piestro, to recently construct pizza vending machines that actually make good pizza.

That is, up until recently, the technology simply wasn&rsquot there. Of course, there are vending machines out there where you can dispense and heat-up a pre-made, packaged and not-that-tasty pizza. But a machine that leverages next-gen robotics tech to create an artisanal quality pizza in an oven, in as little as three minutes, with customized toppings?

Going forward, the tech will only get better. As the tech does get better, the quality of pizzas made in these vending machines will only go up. The time it takes to make the pizzas will only go down. The level of customization will go up. And, eventually, consumers won&rsquot be able to tell the difference between a pizza made in a vending machine by robots, and one made in a pizzeria by humans.

Piestro Offers Higher Convenience

Second, these vending machines dramatically increase consumer convenience. And right now, the consumer&rsquos relationship with food is changing to prioritize convenience above all else, with nearly 50% of consumers say they prefer carryout at quick-service restaurants.

In this world of &ldquoconvenience takes precedence&rdquo, pizza vending machines are a superior solution to pizzerias.

They can be placed literally anywhere &mdash in the hallway of a dorm room, at the gym, in shopping malls, food courts and office complexes. They are always on, so consumers can order pizza whenever they want. And they are super fast, baking a fully customized pizza and delivering it into the hands of the customer in just three minutes.

Because these vending machines are dramatically more convenient, consumers will increasingly demand more pizza vending machines over the next few years as they become more accustomed to quick-service and instant results.

Lower Costs

Third, these vending machines also dramatically lower production costs for pizza makers, at a time when rising wages and rent are squeezing margins.

The pizza business is not a particularly high-margin game. Your typical pizzeria runs around 20% profit margins, with the bulk of the expenses driven by labor and rent. And these two expense items are only going up.

Pizza vending machines significantly reduce those costs. You go from paying for 1,200 square feet of space and 10-plus employees for a pizzeria, to paying for 24 square feet of space and just one part-time employee for a vending machine.

In this sense, Piestro believes that its vending machines can permanently improve pizza operators&rsquo profit margins by almost 30 points to around 50%.

A Billion-Dollar Industry in the Making

Thanks to technological advancements and their ability to simultaneously increase consumer convenience and cut costs, pizza vending machines are on the cusp of becoming a multi-billion-dollar market over the next decade.

The U.S. pizza market is big ($46 billion in 2019) and growing (revenues in the industry have been consistently growing at a 3% per year pace). There are nearly 80,000 pizzerias across the U.S.

In that big market, there are essentially zero smart pizza vending machines today. That number will grow to 40,000-plus by 2030.

An interesting case study here is Sprinkles Cupcakes. In 2012, the cupcake maker pioneered the idea of cupcake vending machines. These machines were always on and required no employee maintenance. Since then, the company has rolled out both standalone vending machines and supplemental vending machines at locations where there are already stores.

Today, because the machines offer a low-cost way for Sprinkles to boost sales and customer reach, Sprinkles has aggressively expanded its vending machine presence. About one-third of the company&rsquos locations are standalone vending machines. More than half of the locations have a vending machine.

I suspect the pizza industry will follow a similar trajectory, given similar rationale and unit economics. Broadly, there will likely be half as many pizza vending machines as pizzerias by 2030. That implies 40,000-plus pizza vending machines.

Pizzerias typically do about $600,000 in sales per year. The vending machines will do much less than that. Maybe about $100,000. At that unit volume, you are talking about a $4 billion pizza vending machine market by 2030.

Piestro Is at the Heart of This Megatrend

There are multiple pizza tech companies out there investing in next-gen pizza automation. But few look as positioned to succeed as Piestro.

Why? There are a few reasons.

First, the company&rsquos technology is impressive. Pretty much everything about the Piestro machine is complete except for the oven, which will be completed shortly using the resources raised from the company&rsquos current fundraising round.

Second, the strategy of creating vending machines aimed at helping restaurant owners both expand and cut costs is genius. It varies sharply from the strategy of most food tech companies, which is simply to create a robot that can replace chefs in the kitchen and only cut costs.

Third, the business model is genius, too. The company plans to both launch direct-to-consumer (DTC) vending machines under the Piestro brand, and provide its vending machines to local and regional pizzerias under the &ldquobrought to you by Piestro&rdquo banner. The DTC business is cool. The white-label business is much cooler. Piestro will not just sell the machines, but also take commission off pizzas sold at its machines and sell a software-as-a-service package which helps the Piestro machine work.

It&rsquos a hybridized, high-margin, multi-faceted and highly scalable business model.

Fourth, the management team is strong. Backed by respected Wavemaker Labs, Piestro brings together a team of engineering and restaurant industry experts to devise a next-gen food tech solution which both works and fits the unique needs of restaurants.

Fifth, this company is very young. And because it is so young, the valuation is very attractive at just $6 million.

A Potential Billion-Dollar Company?

In an everything-goes-right scenario, Piestro could be a billion-dollar company.

Given Piestro&rsquos competitive advantage, I think Piestro could very realistically attain 10% unit market share. If so, you&rsquore talking about 10,000-plus Piestro units by 2030. Given management&rsquos focus, I suspect about 70% of those will be white-label units, while 30% will be DTC units.

Assuming all units average unit volumes of about $100,000, then Piestro has a visible pathway toward several hundred million dollars in sales by 2030. Note that this calculation includes royalty revenue and SaaS revenue from white-label units, in addition to a $50,000 per unit installation charge.

Further assuming operating profit margins can scale towards 30%-plus, then by my numbers, Piestro has runway to $100 million in net profits by the end of the decade.

All you need is a market-average 17 times forward multiple on that to get a $1.7 billion dollar valuation.

Bottom Line: Invest in Piestro

Piestro is a potentially multibillion-dollar pizza tech company in the making. Right now it&rsquos trying to raise money today at a dirt-cheap valuation.

Of course, there are huge execution risks with Piestro. Why? Mostly because the company is still in the development phase. And the pizza vending machine market is nascent and largely unproven.

But those risks are more than accounted for in the discounted valuation. What&rsquos not accounted for? The reality that pizza vending machines are going to take over the world, and that Piestro has a visible opportunity to turn into a billion-dollar company.

As such, at the very least, Piestro is worth your attention. For more information, visit the company&rsquos StartEngine page.

Luke Lango is a Markets Analyst for InvestorPlace. He has been professionally analyzing stocks for several years, previously working at various hedge funds and currently running his own investment fund in San Diego. A Caltech graduate, Luke has consistently been rated one of the world&rsquos top stock pickers by various other analysts and platforms, and has developed a reputation for leveraging his technology background to identify growth stocks that deliver outstanding returns. Luke is also the founder of Fantastic, a social discovery company backed by an LA-based internet venture firm. As of this writing, he did not hold a position in any of the aforementioned securities.

Video: 'TUF' vet, newlywed, pizza peddler Luke Zachrich returns from two-year layoff

There were the mounting injuries. His marriage and honeymoon. And the budding pizza empire and new training facility.

For 30-year-old Luke Zachrich, a busy schedule outside the cage was affecting his career inside it, so the former blogger took two years off.

Now, the fighter, who was on a seven-fight win streak before a Bellator 16 loss to Eric Schambari in April 2010, returns to the cage tonight.

Zachrich (10-2), who’s perhaps best known for his stint on “The Ultimate Fighter 7” in 2008, headlines tonight’s Ultimate Victory Challenge 20 event at Ohio State Fairgrounds Coliseum in Columbus, Ohio. There, he takes on fast-rising middleweight contender Nick Kraus (6-1), who’s won five straight fights (four via stoppage).

It’s Zachrich’s first fight in 28 months.

“He’s a college wrestler,” Zachrich told Radio ( of his opponent. “He holds some records for his school and all that fun stuff. He’s a tough, game kid that’s not afraid to get in there and fight anybody. So it’s a big test with me coming back after this long of a layoff, but this is the path I want to take. I want to fight the toughest guys out there that aren’t signed (to a major promotion) right now.”

Zachrich, who was part of Forrest Griffin’s squad on “TUF 7,” blogged about the season and connected with readers. But he never got an official UFC fight. And after his lone Bellator appearance, his back injuries put the breaks on his fighting career and forced the layoff.

“It started with injuries, but it was a good thing,” he said. “I herniated two discs in my lower back going into my last fight in Bellator. I didn’t realize how bad it was until after the fight. I was in horrible pain, but you can’t pass up an opportunity to be in a tournament like that.”

Zachrich opted against surgery, focused on rehabilitating the injuries, and said he’s now feeling better. It’s reignited the Ohio fighter’s desire to get back in the cage, which led to tonight’s booking.

“It was really good mentally for me to take the time off,” he said. “My body is back 100 percent to where I haven’t felt this good in years basically, since I was 26 years old basically.”

In addition to opening Ronin Training Center in downtown Columbus, he’s helped expand his family’s chain of Mellow Mushroom Pizza Bakers restaurants. The gourmet-pizza shops have been a hit in Columbus, and he plans to soon open a third (or even fourth) location.

But in addition to his pizza empire, he’s been working hard on his fight game. In 10 career wins, Zachrich owns 10 stoppages, including six submissions. But both his career losses also came via submission.

So with a healthy back and stable life outside the cage, Zachrich has focused on his Brazilian jiu-jitsu, which he expects to be on display tonight when he finally returns to the cage.

“It’s not like I sat on my butt the entire time I was off,” he said. “It helped me work on one of the weaker points of my game and make it one of my strongest.”

Video: Πίτσα, όλα τα μυστικά για τέλειο ζυμάρι. Θέμος Ρήγας